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We offer cost effective solutions to suit all budgets.

Pricing options

Our medals are each hand made, some by home-workers, some by social enterprises. It can mean there is a variation in size and shape. Our tokens and stickers are printed in the UK. All our medals, tokens and stickers are biodegradable. 


Choose from these options:

Seeded Medals

Handmade and unique  our medals are made to order. They have a long lead time.  Order early!

In order to keep the carbon emissions as low as possible, the ribbon for each medal only comes in our standard green and cannot be printed on. 

Cost per medal: £2.40 includes 1 tree planted

Tree Tokens


Plant a tree for every participant and share the impact you've made.


Our tree tokens are printed on biodegradable seeded card with your logo on the front and a QR code on the reverse. The QR code links to your event’s unique online Impact Report, so your participants can see the difference your trees will make. 


The tokens come as either a circular disk or a tree-shaped token. Both have slits so you can slide them onto certificates, medal ribbons or race numbers.  

Costs start at: £1.15 includes 1 tree planted.

IMG_2525 copy.jpg

Tree Stickers

Everyone can change the world and see the impact you’ve made.


Our tree stickers are biodegradable and will print with your school, club or event name and a tree-shaped QR code. The QR code links to your event’s unique online Impact Report, so your participants can see the difference your trees will make. 

Costs start at: £0.45 includes 1 tree planted.

jose-ibarra-ifM0755GnS0-unsplash-sticker copy.jpg
jose-ibarra-ifM0755GnS0-unsplash-sticker copy.jpg

Basic Tree Planting

Planting a tree for every participant and providing a link to your organisation's impact report showing just what your trees will do. 

Cost per tree: £0.45.


When you choose a medal the following is included:

  1. A recycled medal made from recycled paper and embedded UK wildflower seeds

  2. A green ribbon made from sustainable and biodegradable Tencel. Green is the only option. 

  3. A printed biodegradable sticker using your supplied artwork. If you wish us to design this there is a further cost of £75.

  4. A printed biodegradable sticker on the reverse stating what the medal is made of and the good that it will do. 

  5. We shall also plant a tree for every full priced medal that is sold. 


This is not included in your price:

  1. Delivery. This will be charged based on weight of the order. You will be advised of this before your order is accepted.

  2. Samples – unfortunately, the cost of sending out samples is too high for us to send them for free. Samples cost £5.00

  3. With medals and tokens, there is no delivery to any address outside of the UK and unfortunately, not including Northern Ireland. Sorry. This is due to the restrictions of sending wildflower seeds overseas. 



Yes indeedy, we are. The idea for the medals came to Tash Acres whilst out on a run and, here we are!

Originally the medals were meant to be just for the Earth Runs events, but, we had so many enquries, we had to find a way to let others purchase them. It took a while because we wanted to work with Social Enterprises to develop the manufacturing process. 

CAn you ship to...

Currently, our seeded medals can only be purchased in the UK for the UK market. This is because they contain native seeds to Britain. 


Too often we look for cheap solutions and giveaways to try and get people hooked or to sign them up to our events. We believe there's value in caring for the planet, and caring for the people in it too. It's a much nicer feeling knowing that someone carefully made your medal and put in as much effort in making it as you did in winning it. It makes everyone feel valued. 


Because each medal is handmade it depends on the quantity required, however, we try and keep some medals in stock. Send us an enquiry and we'll see what we can do to deliver for your event. 

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