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The idea for our medals was conceived like many good ideas – on a run. I was trying to think of ways that races could be made more environmentally friendly. Tired of getting the same old tat but looking for a challenge, I came up with the idea for running and planting trees with the miles we all do, the idea behind was born. 


Knowing that some runners still like an actual keepsake of their efforts, I started investigating the options for medals. The best I could find were etched in wood, but when our main focus was in planting trees, that didn't sit well. The sad reality was, and still is, that most medals are made from cheap mixed medals, making them hard to recycle, with plastic-based ribbons, and with production methods that leave a large carbon footprint. 

So that's when I started experimenting – firstly with mulching paper, and then by adding seeds into the mix. All done with from my kitchen at the time! 

Fast-forward a year, the process was honed, a more productive design was achieved and the medals were ready to rock. All we had to do was find some partners to help make the medals. In January 2022, we were glad to welcome on board our first Social Enterprise, Re-create, in Ipswich. A passionate organisation who share many values in recycling and protecting the planet, and in supporting a sector of society that often get overlooked. 

We have no idea where the next steps will take us, but we know we'll be treading lightly on the earth, and that's the most important thing for us. 

Thanks for your interest in Earth Runs Medals. Hope to see you at your next event. 

All the best,


Tash Acres

Founder / Plodder / Enthusiast

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